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That Chalk Board Gag Never Changes

Exterminate daleks the simpsons - 8316643584
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When The Daleks Got Delicious

daleks 11th Doctor - 8202717440
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Stop Dalek Testing

daleks - 8413776384
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How Much Is a Dalek?

daleks infographic - 8348985344
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Fateful First Contact

daleks 1st doctor - 8418406144
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crossover daleks doctor who phineas and ferb - 7651787008
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Abraham Dalek

daleks for sale doctor who - 7128382208
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Just Forgot how To Dalek

daleks classic who - 8255560704
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Don't Worry, He'll Get Them Back In

the doctor daleks - 8422552320
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Sometimes Nights Are Harder Than Others

gifs Exterminate daleks - 8287033088
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St Patrick's Day Is For Daleks Too

daleks - 8109642752
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daleks 12th Doctor - 68652033

The Doctor And The Dalek Is On a Phone Near You

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Music daleks - 7797528832
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Number 9 Wants To Finish The Job

daleks 9th doctor - 8160936448
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Reframed: I hope they get exterminated

daleks doctor who re-frames - 7166223872
Created by MasterBlarg117

Learn to Make This Amazing Red Velvet Dalek Cake

daleks cakes doctor who DIY noms - 7807084800
Via BBC Doctor Who
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