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C'Mon Doctor, Give Us a Hug!

clara oswald gifs 12th Doctor hugs - 8566515968
By Philippa2

Siri Can Be The New Companion

12th Doctor sonic screwdriver clara oswald - 8570612480
By Philippa2

He's Learning To Love Again

12th Doctor 11th Doctor clara oswald - 8028547328
By Unknown

Learning to Hug Again

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Via Capaldi-i

Season 8 premiere day

12th Doctor clara oswald series 8 - 8267138048
By TheKragen (Via Official Doctor Who Facebook)

The Impossible Girl

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Via Turkey0guz

Puce Is Hideous

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By Unknown

He'd Never Leave Her Behind

12th Doctor 11th Doctor clara oswald - 8030051072
By Unknown

Series Eight Filming Sighting

behind the scenes 12th Doctor clara oswald - 8026386944
Via shinaku

Clara Is Best Companion

clara oswald rose tyler doctor who amy pond companion - 8067780096
By Unknown