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Peter Capaldi sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about everything that's coming to Doctor Who Series 9 two-part premeire.

"It places the Doctor in a conflict that is central to his being, as well as containning some subtle tributes to the ’60s, and truly wonderful guest performances... [The Doctor] is throwing himself into life with a newfound hunger for adventure. He’s in pursuit of joy and grabbing every thrill that he can along the way. But I sense him running from something, that even he does not yet understand."

He was also asked about Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams (Arya) who is set to guest star later in the season:

"Maisie is fantastic. A sharp, talented tornado. As an 18-year-old, she has taught me many new words and expressions. All I’ll say about her character is she shifts in cosmic ways."

When asked about the first still form the pilot, Capaldi said:

"The photo shows the Doctor about to make a mistake that has cataclysmic repercussions."

Looks like Series 9 is turning into something awesome.