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What Else Did Rusty See In The Doctor's Mind?

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Only If Bill Murray Plays Santa Claus

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The Premiere Was Full of Who-mojis!

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Be Honest, We All Wanted To Punch Him In The Face, Didn't We?

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The Doctor Meets Merida

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The Twelfth Doctor Even Insults Innocent Food

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The Doctor always obeys Clarke's Third Law

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What a Dancer!

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Just As Long As Someone Says Run

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Cybermen Are Falling From The Sky

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You Never Know What You're Going to Win

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Radio Times' 'The Caretaker' Poster is a Rom-Com Straight Outta 1970

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Proof That Peter Capaldi IS The Doctor

Peter Capaldi 12th Doctor - 8419425536
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Whoever That Little Kid Was, Is Laughing At The Doctor Right Now

12th Doctor - 8318348032
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Grumpy Doctor Is Grumpy

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Bye Smith, Hi Capaldi

Fan Art 12th Doctor 11th Doctor doctor who - 7730577920
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