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12th Doctor

12th Doctor clip cybermen missy - 65741313

Who's Missy?

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Welcome Peter Capaldi

12th Doctor spoilers Peter Capaldi - 7973025536
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12th Doctor behind the scenes - 65048577

Doctor Yo-Yo

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Series 8 Trailer Re-Edit

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A PhD in Banter

12th Doctor clara oswin oswald - 8352321280
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What'd The Dry Cleaners Do This Time?

12th Doctor behind the scenes tardis - 8225758464
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He Loves An Audience

clara oswin oswald the doctor 12th Doctor - 8415466240
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My Neighbor Time Lordoro

12th Doctor gifs clara oswin oswald - 8436518912
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Time to Upgrade Your Selfies

cybermen 12th Doctor selfie - 8279773440
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That moment.....

10th doctor 12th Doctor doctor who - 7717681664
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When the Clock strikes Twelve

Fan Art 12th Doctor doctor who clock - 7736284416
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Does He Get a Vote?

12th Doctor hugs clara oswin oswald - 8324375552
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The Long Sleep

12th Doctor - 8411670528
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Capaldi as 9, 10 and 11

Peter Capaldi 12th Doctor - 8383080192
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clara oswin oswald preview 12th Doctor doctor who Video - 64408577

What's Next for the Doctor?

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My Reaction When I Watched Time Heist

12th Doctor clara oswin oswald - 8324285440
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