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The Doctor and Loki Read Some Steamy 50 Shades Excerpts

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Time Lords Always Show Up One Movie Too Early

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Just Doctor Things

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The Buildup: Allons-y!

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Sometimes We All Have an Orchestra In Our Minds

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The Three Doctors

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I don't like this

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You're looking a bit Wibbly Wobbly

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Not Sure If Rise of the Cybermen Or Rise of the Barty Crouch's

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Allons-y AWAY!!!!

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These New New Ne-New New New Alarm Clocks Are Getting Stranger By The Millenia

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From The Planet Galifrey, In The Galaxy Kasterborous

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Have Your Robots Spayed or Neutered

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He's My Religious Symbol

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I'm Taking My Rose And Going Home!

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We're All Entitled to Our Opinions

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