Doctor Who

10th doctor

Racist Much?

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10 Wishes You a Happy 2014

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But I... Shut It

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11 On The Streets, 10 In The Sheets

10th doctor River Song - 8274949120
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Headcanon Accepted?

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Doctor Pick-Up Lines

10th doctor David Tennant - 8198662912
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A Time Lord's Final Words

9th doctor 11th Doctor 10th doctor regeneration - 7978298880
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And Now he Can Regenerate Happily

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I've Always Wanted to Say That

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Am I right?

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Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, TARDIS!

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Rose Flower, I-

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They Have All The Right Medicine

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I'm Taking My Companion And Going Home

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Ding for Zygon

David Tennant 10th doctor 50th anniversary - 8090884864

The Doctor's a Little Possessive

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