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You Doomsday, I choose you to be the first of my victims.

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In Dragon Ball Super, when a Saiyan with Super Saiyan God Powers goes Super Saiyan, it's called "Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan" or SSGSS. It's a terrible name. Thankfully, Whis, Goku and Vegeta agree, and have renamed the form "Super Saiyan Blue" in the manga:

Saiyan Island has the translation of the manga:

Vegeta turns into a SSGSS

Whis: “Hm, blue hair.”

He fires a shockwave that sends Goku flying

Whis: “My, my.”

Goku: “Hey that hurt, Vegeta!!! Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan was supposed to be off-limits for this match!!! If you’re gonna be a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, then I’ll be one too!!

Goku turns into SSGSS

Vegeta: “Hahaha! That’s just what I was hoping for! Obviously if we’re both Super Saiyan God Super Saiyans, then as an elite I’ll definitely be superior!!”

Goku: “No way, my Super Saiyan God Super…Ow!!! I bit my tongue!!!”

Vegeta: “……”

Goku: “Hey Vegeta, can’t we do something about that long name?”

Whis drops down

Whis: “How about…Super Saiyan Blue?”

Vegeta: “…”

Goku: “Blue…..”

What do you think of the new name?