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inside Garnet's Head

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Via DukeStewart

Too Tough to Cry

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Created by DRCEQ

Steven and the Stevens!

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Created by EFFI-EFFI ( Via dou-hong )

Artwork for the Steven Universe Comic #8

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Created by EFFI-EFFI ( Via glitchedpuppet )

... and STEVEN!

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Created by EFFI-EFFI ( Via yufei )
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If Steven Universe Was Made 70 Years Ago

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Steven Brings Them Together

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Created by e.squeezey ( Via e-squeezey )
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Whenever Anyone on This Site Sees a SU Post

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Created by RaticateusedHyperFang

Meanwhile in Cartoons and Anime...

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Steven Universe: Even More Confusing Than the Star Wars Universe

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Via neoduskcomics

Peridot is in Big Trouble

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Created by YaranaRouja
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Steven Universe Title Theme 2: Full Version: Direct Feed!

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I Was Searching for a Shop That Sells Gems... Then I Came Across These

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Created by DasYoukai ( Via youkai93 )

Oh My God, the Feelings!

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There's a New Gem, You Guys!

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