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These Texts Prove That Trolling an Australian News Channel With Simpsons Pics Is an Art In and Of Itself

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Kelsey Grammar Finally Makes Our Wishes Come True, Dresses up as 'Simpsons' Character Sideshow Bob for Halloween

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King of the Tats

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Created by tamaleknight

Trip Adviser in a Nutshell

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Created by Mamalugia

A Fate Worse Than Death

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Created by Mamalugia

Professor Frink Coming in Hot With That Harsh Shot of...Rationale?

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Created by Mamalugia

Students These Days Be Like

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Created by Mamalugia

Words to Live By

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Created by Mamalugia

I See What You Did There

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Created by tamaleknight ( Via Umgurbanned )

Homer vs. Peter

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Created by tamaleknight ( Via kisadalga )
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Here's Some of the Hundreds of Simpsons Characters Which Will Now Sound Weird

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Two Sides to Every Story

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Created by DRCEQ

Cap Would Like a Show That Old

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Created by Zaiakai
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Get Ready for the Every Simspsons Ever Marathon

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Who Could Resist?

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Created by Unknown