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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Bad News

disney puns - 8383211776
Created by APShark

Scooby See What Really Matters

scooby doo puns cartoons - 8318214144
Created by B. Weber

CSI: Notre Dame

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anime puns death note - 8292034560

Shakira's Destroying Neo Tokyo One Song at a Time

Akira anime puns - 8262602240
Created by ParadoxialEvent

Take A Minute If You Need It

aladdin cosplay cartoons magikarp puns - 8221997056
Created by TimesTheRoman

Everybody Loves Reimond

anime puns - 8199965696
Created by SuperbSaiyan

Taco Belle

Beauty and the Beast disney disney princesses puns for sale - 8200479232
Created by digitalastronaut ( Via redbubble )

Dr. Grover, PunHD

Sesame Street puns - 6069723648

My Ice Car is a Niisan

puns - 8000539648
Created by Joker-V1

So Much to Do!

puns pink panther - 7995856128

Oh Spirit Fox, Tail Me Your Secrets

anime gifs puns - 7975118336
Created by maorows

It's a Cat-ch. Get it? Anyone...?

anime puns Cats - 7887979520
Created by Tehshark

Knitta Please

fashion puns cartoons poorly dressed - 7888683776

Faith in Clever Mashup Costumes, Restored

costume freddie mercury halloween puns - 7883929088

Hannes Ketchup

anime puns attack on titan - 7872964352
Via lynn-senpai