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Sign Placement is Everything

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Re:Zero Politics

re zero anime politics - 8968239104
Created by maorows

Mike Pence or Bizeff for VP?

anime funny politics - 8821305344
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What Do the People Think of the Candidates?

anime funny politics - 8805282560
Created by tamaleknight

Still Better than Any Actual Politician

poster funny politics - 8804712960
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I Guess Destro's Been Paying Attention to Politics Recently

cartoons funny politics - 8797260288
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Politics Represented in Springfield

cartoons the simpsons politics - 8758169344
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The Superior Candidate

anime Dragon Ball Z politics - 8754859264
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As Will Every Other Candidate, Probably

SpongeBob SquarePants politics - 8752643584
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anime donald trump faptimes politics - 77649921

Wait, Do Any of You Support Donald Trump?

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We've Really Gotta Come Together as a Nation to Defeat Trump

donald trump 4 president bobs burgers trash
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What's a Game Without Rules?

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Brock 2016

brock Pokémon politics - 7796533760
Created by TehCoffee