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Minions of Patrick

minions toys patrick star SpongeBob SquarePants - 8811920384
Created by tamaleknight

So, Uh, These Minion Multivitamins are Actually Ecstasy

minion vitamins actually drugs
Via Huffington Post

When Someone Soils the Innocent Name of Minions

minions despicable me facebook - 8601421312
Via websurfer1994

Gru, is That You?

minions despicable me cartoons - 8506116352
Created by Sup123

He Made Them From Corn!

gru created the minions
Via robbercat
minions honest trailers Video - 76299009

The Honest Trailer for a Movie That No One Honestly Wanted: Minions

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minions vine - 74130177

The Only Reason You Should Give Yourself a Minion Mouth

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minions Death Video - 73495553

At This Point, There's Nothing More Satisfying Than Watching Minions Die Horribly

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Minions, I Have a Message for You

minions cartoons futurama - 8549235200
Created by t-brick ( Via fallingdesk )

What's Another Word for 'Minion'?

funny memes sexy subordinate minion costume
Via thottielamottie
minions list IRL - 588037

A Demon in the Form of a Giant Inflatable Minion Rained Terror Upon Ireland

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minions Video - 72992513

If Minions Were British

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You and Me Both

cartoon memes hate minions

First That Garbage Sale, Now This?

cartoon memes despicable me minions amazon box
Via ninefourseven

Minions for Your Most Foul Deeds

anime memes minions personal massager toys
Via lizcuit

What Despicable Hell Have You Unleashed Upon Us?

cartoon memes despicable me minions steve buscemi
Via Iguana Mouth
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