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Naruto 1999-2014

try not to cry naruto manga - 8373092864
Created by FearTheFluffiness

And With That, Naruto Comes to a Close

naruto manga - 8371324928
Created by Sosuke
marvel wtf manga - 245764

So, Attack on Titan is Getting an Official Marvel Crossover

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Captain Eastwood

totally looks like attack on titan manga - 8362497536
Created by UACmarine208

One of the Best Feelings

anime akame ga kill manga - 8290765312
Created by TorintheWolfsenix

The More You Know

comics manga - 8286309888
Created by SUPERFAIL15

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

wtf manga dating - 8244976128
Created by maorows

This is Why I Love Hiromu Arakawa

anime fullmetal alchemist manga - 8224581376
Created by SketchySword

Loreal Wants You to Get Fabulous Anime Eyes

anime eyes IRL manga - 8213673984
Via lexvexon

Aculy Is

manga - 8205972736
Created by maorows

He Just Blew the Minds of Every Manga, Comic and Anime Artist Ever.

bewbees anime manga - 8194623232
Created by Casull

The Double Standards of a Fan

anime manga one piece - 8144486656
Created by ShrugsMcMeh ( Via null )

Just Something to Keep in Mind

anime manga - 8106981632
Created by Megamean09

We Know What She Means

memefield pls manga - 8102008576
Created by memefield

Life With Monster Girls

monster musume manga memefield pls - 8025629696
Created by memefield

The Deadly Anime Eye

anime anime eyes Fan Art manga - 8016102400
Created by Derp-a-derp