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When Your Front Hair Isn't Long Enough to Reach the Scrunchie

hair anime struggles funny - 8821275392
Created by tamaleknight

Saitama's Christmas List

hair saitama funny - 8802663936
Created by Mamalugia

Ok Then...

Via deadpoolsheik
Dragon Ball Z list hair - 624901

This Guy's Dragon Ball Hair is What Everyone On the Internet Loves

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That Hair Gel Hold Better Be Over 9000

anime memes barber fight frieza
Via The Barber Meme

Worth an Arm and a Leg

anime fullmetal alchemist gifs hair - 8332122112
Created by Nymphia

Girl, What Kind of Shampoo Do You Use?

hair disney disney princesses Fan Art - 8284824832
Via yuuyami-artist

The Worst Crime Of All

anime hair memefield pls - 8203252992
Created by memefield

Well, They're Not Wrong

anime hair - 8182510080
Created by Kurmon

No Guarantees on the Naturalness of Brown Hair, Though

hair anime - 8150957568
Via phantomenvy

Who Needs to See Out of Both Eyes?

hair anime video games - 8090814720
Created by Unknown

Become an Accomplice with Great Hair

hair anime - 8061028096
Created by Unknown

It's Called Anime Hair, Look It Up

anime hair - 7939982080
Created by sexybait13

Right on, Daddio

hair johnny bravo cartoons - 7864657408
Created by Endless-Abyss

She's Much Hotter as a Redhead

hair the simpsons - 7712625152
Created by Unknown

Re-Framed: Anime's Already Got This Covered

hair disney anime re-frames - 7128130048
Created by Unknown
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