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Five Nights at Gravity Falls

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Created by Sosuke ( Via nine-doodles )


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The Cutest Family Cosplay

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How I Make Friends

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Created by The_Artist_Formerly_Know_As_anon
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For Kids, They Said

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Created by maorows

It's Official! Gravity Falls Season 2 Starts In August

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Pinkobel Pinekanshoku Pie

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Created by maorows ( Via ladypixelheart )

Mabel Not so Innocent!

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Created by submittens ( Via trustmeimafairy )

Service It Soos

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Gravity Falls and Supernatural are Definitely in the Same Universe

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Mabel's Guide to Dating

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Really? I Think It's Smashing

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It's Not Season Two, But It's Something

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Nothing to See Here

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