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I Don't Know What This Is Implying, But I'm In

anime gintama - 8426797056
Created by Alterio

Ooh, Burn

anime gintama - 8407628800

Is Summer Over Yet?

anime gintama sun - 8293889024
Via ninadough

Ouch, the Fourth Wall

anime gintama - 8291571968
Via Gintama

You've Got to Tenderize the Chicken

gifs anime gintama - 8291620096
Via love-naryk

Wow, Rude

poop anime gintama - 8286702336
Via notthepajamas

Some Shows Break the Fourth Wall; This One Destroys It

fourth wall anime gintama - 8281072128
Created by APShark

Well, That's One Way to Fight

gifs anime gintama - 8281144320
Via notthepajamas

Have You Seen This Penguin-Like Thing?

gifs anime gintama - 8271497216
Created by Madoka_Kaname

How's Your Summer Going?

gifs anime gintama - 8261922304
Via Not the Pajamas
anime gintama Video - 58420993

Need Pickpocketing Lessons?

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Rule #2: Act Like You Belong

anime gintama - 7235617280
Created by Khyloa

It's Hard Being a Jump Character

sket dance anime gintama - 7148661248
Created by Khyloa
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