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Otaku Problems

gifs reaction gifs manga - 8758411520
By AlisonK

Your Worst Nightmare: Bewbies

gifs anime bewbs - 8757487104
By jinrex015

Wow, Congrats

gifs anime - 8758602496
By AlisonK

Rough Day?

gifs anime - 8758639872
By Luchabro

What Did You Expect on Such Short Notice?

gifs anime - 8758464256
By tamaleknight

You'll Never be Hungry Again

anime gifs - 8757943552
By tamaleknight

True Love

Via stopitben

Go Go Gadget Happy Feet

inspector gadget gifs cartoons - 8757626368
By tamaleknight

This Makes Me so Uncomfortable

disney zootopia gifs cartoons - 8757210112

From Kawaii to Derp

gifs anime - 8756944384
By Luchabro

Surprise Attack!

gifs anime Dragon Ball Z - 8756278016
By tamaleknight

The Lolis are Envious

anime gifs Sabagebu - 8756015360
By DRCEQ (Via giphy)

A Perfect Depiction of Heaven

pizza gifs anime - 8755865088
By jinrex015

Hardcore Exfoliation

gifs anime - 8755039744
By Unknown


gifs anime - 8754815744
By jinrex015 (Via megumi)

When Bae Senses Water Underground

bewbees gifs anime memefield pls - 8754447872
By memefield