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Lobsters Accompanied by Zoidberg Sounds are Absolutely Adorable

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If It Takes Forever...

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Created by FBIRem

It's Never Looked More Attractive

cartoon memes when you shave

Minions, I Have a Message for You

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Created by t-brick ( Via fallingdesk )

Bender and Starscream

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Created by tamaleknight ( Via blackhellcat )


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Created by tamaleknight

Sounds Like Some Serious Trouble

I knew not being in love was code for something
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Welcome to the Head Museum

cartoon memes leonard nimoy head museum futurama
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Can't Tell If Fry or Homer

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Not Sure if Fry or Young Homer

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Created by Unknown
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All Glory to This Creepy Simpsorama Couch Gag

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It's a Feature

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Oh God NO!

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Created by Unknown

Bender Did It

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Well That Is Unfortunate

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Need a Monster? Why Not Zoidberg?

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