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7 Scenes That Could Have Changed Disney Movies Forever

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A Foolproof Plan

Fan Art gravity falls cartoons - 7433132544
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Mad Miki: Fury Road

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Mad Max anime Fan Art - 8516613376
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disney princesses as dinosaurs

Witness the Terror of Disney Princesses as Dinosaurs

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Who's the Best?

crossover Fan Art sailor moon Avatar korra - 8509955840
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disney art movies Fan Art cartoons - 526853

What If Disney's Animal Characters Looked Like Us?

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Sailor Moon in Mexico

anime Fan Art sailor moon - 8506034944
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Steven Universe Meets Super Mario

cartoon memes steven universe mario bros crossover
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disney marvel mashups

I Just Can't Get Enough Marvel and Disney Mashups!

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Nico Coffee!

Fan Art - 8505120000
Created by Madoka_Kaname

Witness Time, C'Mon Grab Your War Boys

cartoon memes mad max adventure time crossover
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disney list Fan Art pixar - 512261

What Would Your Favorite Animated Character Look Like With a "Normal" Face?

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I are Tank

gifs anime Fan Art - 8503852288
Created by tamaleknight
cats drawn as anime girls

This Artist Transformed Cats Into Hot Anime Girls and I Don't Know How to Feel

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One Little Trip

crossover Fan Art doctor who steven universe - 8503256832
Created by artdirector123 ( Via artdirector123 )

Family Fun Time

gifs Fan Art - 8502333696
Created by Luchabro ( Via miken0606 )