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Hearing Seth MacFarlane Doing Family Guy Voices Live Is Super Weird

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Today in Things You Didn't Know You Needed: Family Guy Sings "Happy"

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Stop Shopping in the Juniors Department, Lois

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By Amemeda

I Hate My Generation...

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By -Ness-

The Greatest Tattoo Fail of 2013

Animated cartoon - Now don't you feel stupid?
By skilla.mcvillian

District 12 Is Former Rhode Island

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By Unknown

Look at That Happy Looking Monster

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By Unknown

Need Some Inescapable Handcuffs?

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By Unknown
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Family Guy Live Action Intro

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Family Guy Would be so Much Better With Spiders

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Bad Luck Brian Griffin

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By maodiver

All Cartoon Dogs Go to Heaven

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By Unknown

Rest in Peace, Friend

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By Unknown

I Could be Sitting in My Room, Alone

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By Unknown

Meg Takes After Her Father

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By Blackwolf44

The Naggier the Better

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By Unknown