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Funny dank meme from Dragon Ball Super entitled, 'He's Speaking the Language of the Gods'

'He's Speaking The Language Of The Gods' Is A Nonsensical Meme From 'Dragon Ball Super'

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The Calorie Level Is Over 9000!!!

dragon ball anime manga food - 8766384640
By Mamalugia

My How the Times Have Changed


New Dragon Ball Anime Announced: Dragon Ball Super Coming to Japan This Summer

anime memes dragon ball super new dbz series
Via Toei Animation
dragon ball anime Video - 69043457

Happy Anniversary, Dragon Ball!

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Epic Dragon Ball Fanart

dragon ball anime Fan Art - 8216263936
By TheKragen (Via Angus)

Just Sometimes?

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By Mistform

Before Raditz, the Humans Mattered

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By sdrawkcaBsiemanresUsihT