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So, Uh, These Minion Multivitamins are Actually Ecstasy

minion vitamins actually drugs
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When Someone Soils the Innocent Name of Minions

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Gru, is That You?

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First That Garbage Sale, Now This?

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What Despicable Hell Have You Unleashed Upon Us?

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Some Seriously Sensitive Parents are Convinced This Minion Toy Has a Potty Mouth

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Do Minions Have a Creamy Filling?

cartoon memes minion cream filling
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Neon Genesis Minionion

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So, This is a Thing That Exists

cartoon memes minion man thong
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Despicable Me's Minions are Getting Their Own Comic

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Sing It With Me Now: Ba-na-na-na-na-na-na

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This Kid is an Absolutely Perfect Minion

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Gimme Kisses!

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World's Best Welding Mask

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I'm Rooting for the Minions Next Season

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