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The American Adaptation of Death Note is Moving Forward, Now Has a Director!

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Via Hollywood Reporter

Loop Holes

philosoraptor death note - 8482978560
Created by SilverDarkCureXZ

He's Ready for his Death Note

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Created by Alterio

He Almost Became a God Again, Just as Planned

bleach anime death note - 8478492672
Created by SilverDarkCureXZ

You'll Never Catch Me!

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What About a Toaster Strudel?

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Created by SilverDarkCureXZ

The Ultimate Crossover

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I've Got The Biggest Appetite of All Time! Of All Time!

kanye west death note TV - 6629972992
Created by KhazWolf

Life's a Game, Wanna Play?

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Is There a Life Note?

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Via Death Note

Still Just as Bad News

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Created by Sephiroth1993

You Jelly?

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Created by APShark

I Wouldn't Even Look at Their Cakes, If I Were You

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Did You Know Light Was on Twitter?

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Face Swap From Hell

anime face swap death note - 8292034048


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