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crossover captain america cartoons steven universe - 72462337

Captain Universe

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Akira crossover anime cartoons the simpsons - 72479489

Akira Meets the Simpsons in This Bizarre Trailer Recreation

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Meets Mami

cartoon memes hungry caterpillar madoka magica

Taming Dragons is Definitely Harder Than Raptors

cartoon memes how train your dragon jurassic world crossover
Via kadeart

Squid la Kid

anime memes splatoon kill la kill fan art
Via sarah-t-h
disney princesses as dinosaurs

Witness the Terror of Disney Princesses as Dinosaurs

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Who's the Best?

crossover Fan Art sailor moon Avatar korra - 8509955840
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crossover anime fullmetal alchemist Dragon Ball Z - 71706625

FMA Fusion

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Steven Universe Meets Super Mario

cartoon memes steven universe mario bros crossover
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Mad Max crossover cars pixar - 71698945

This Mad Max/Cars Mash Up is far From Medio-car

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disney marvel mashups

I Just Can't Get Enough Marvel and Disney Mashups!

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Sailor Moon's Sugar Crazed Cousin Gets a Sugar Crazed Cosplay

crossover star vs the forces of evil anime sailor moon cartoons - 8505128704
Via nasakii

The Johnny Games

crossover johnny bravo hunger games cartoons - 8505149952
Created by Unknown

Witness Time, C'Mon Grab Your War Boys

cartoon memes mad max adventure time crossover
Via The City of Pyramids

Champion Alder is Actually the Pokémon Version of Jiraiya

crossover Pokémon anime naruto - 8504484608
Created by TheSwampert

One Little Trip

crossover Fan Art doctor who steven universe - 8503256832
Created by artdirector123 ( Via artdirector123 )