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black butler

Sebastian Is Not Amused

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anime black butler food - 73615105

Learn How to Make Black Butler's Curry Buns

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I Will Not Save You a Seat

anime memes black butler go to church

Dogs are a Lot of Responsibility

black butler anime Kuroshitsuji - 8028749312

Tryna Catch Sebby Ridin' Dirty

anime Kuroshitsuji black butler - 7754906880
Created by Inpero

I'll Do You Proud, Sebastian

anime Kuroshitsuji black butler Rage Comics - 7754679040
Created by Inpero

If I Did, What Kind of Butler Would I Be?

anime Kuroshitsuji black butler - 7541528576
Created by Sephiroth1993

Something Once Lost Will Never Return

anime black butler Fan Art manga - 6485893376
Created by wolvesinrain ( Via lithium-tears )


anime black butler cosplay gifs Kuroshitsuji manga - 6417111296
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Smile, Ciel

anime black butler cosplay Kuroshitsuji manga - 6202759936
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