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Aladdin can show you the world, but can he show you Aladdin jokes and memes? Nope he's a movie character and incapable of such things, so here's some in the meantime to make you cackle.

Baron Zemo's Wildest Wishes Have Finally Come True

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Aladdin and Jasmine Cruise the Streets of San Francisco on a Real Working Magic Carpet

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This Fan Theory Linking Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast Will Not Blow Your Mind, Cause It Ain't True

false beauty and the beast aladdin connection theory
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These Genie Outtakes From Aladdin Will Have You Missing Robin Williams

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Disney's Aladdin Would Have Made a Wonderful Sitcom

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The Real Aladdin and Jasmine Perform a Whole New World Thirteen Years Later

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Aladdin Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

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What Happens When the Broadway Casts of Aladdin and The Lion King Get Stuck at an Airport?

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Aladdin Like You've Never Heard it Before

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They've Got Some Things in Common?

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Aladdin's Bizzare Adventure

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Imagine If Mulan and Aladdin Took Place in the Same Universe

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Don't Let My Pet Tiger Maul You on the Way Out

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A Whole New Thrill

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A Round of Applause for Everyone's Favorite Genie

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Check Out This Cover of Aladdin's Prince Ali

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