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Sad christmas FAIL reactions - 1287173

If There's One Thing Christmas 2016 Taught Us, It's That People Still Are Not Okay With Mufasa's Death

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Longtime Studio Ghibli Animator and Color Designer, Michiyo Yasuda Passes Away at 77

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Sad list the simpsons - 899333

Marge Simpson Might Be the Saddest Character on TV and the Creator of Bojack Horseman Has Proof

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Rest in Peace Best Girl ;_;

Sad anime crying - 8964901120
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The Tears Were Too Real Here

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Oh Shucks, That's Just Terrible

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When You Crack That Bag of Chips Open, but Act a Selfish Beast

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At First I Rolled My Eyes, But Then I Cried

cartoon memes tadashi pretty hot
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I Have Some News for You...

Sad anime gintama - 8456565760
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This is Messed Up

Sad gifs cartoons - 8387006208
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Sad coub cartoons - 64484609

True Story

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A Round of Applause for Everyone's Favorite Genie

Sad aladdin - 8285559808


anime cute gifs Sad - 8246936832
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Look at That Happy Looking Monster

Sad Harry Potter family guy cartoons - 7951280640
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Sad Mutant Soldier Turtles

cartoons Fan Art Sad teenage mutant ninja turtles war - 5748583424
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