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Neither of Them Were Born in the US

IRL the simpsons sign - 8749353728
Created by tamaleknight
IRL anime Video - 78835201

IRL Anime is All Poop Jokes and Bad Puns

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IRL anime Sword Art Online - 78344449

So, Uh, IBM Has Funded a Sword Art Online VRMMO and They Need Testers

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Disregard Life Plans, Move to Japan for Dragon Ball Hot Pots

dragon ball z hot pot dinner japan
Via akaki_tya

Famed Animator Hayao Miyazaki's Next Project is a Nature Park, "The Forest Where the Wind Returns"

hayao miyazaki opening childrens nature park
Via Kumejima Town Newspaper
minions list IRL - 588037

A Demon in the Form of a Giant Inflatable Minion Rained Terror Upon Ireland

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I Believe You Mean the Stairs of Torture

cartoon memes spongebob stairs learning
Via paradexx

IRL Spongebob Squarepants Restaurant Set to Open on the West Bank in Palestine

cartoons IRL SpongeBob SquarePants - 8237619968
Via International Business Times


wtf IRL anime - 8482191872
Created by ArkenFlare
IRL anime Video - 70267137

A Warning to Anime Fans: Don't Let Yourself Become This Guy

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IRL sailor moon - 70098177

OMG Look At This Sailor Moon Cafe

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Just Look at the Size of These Homemade Transformers

geek memes news giant scrap transformers
Via Sina

I've Found You!

IRL anime sailor moon - 8466617856
Created by Unknown

Riot Officer Tao, Pleased to Kill You

anime Dragon Ball Z IRL - 8462996736
Created by tamaleknight

How to Train Your Beetle

cartoon memes how to train your dragon irl frog
Via davincismurf
live action IRL anime naruto - 68222209

This Live-Action Naruto Opening is the Best Thing You'll Watch All Day

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