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Korra Book 4 Starts on October 3rd!

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We Got This

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Bad Movie Trauma

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Created by Kittykat5279

Should Have Let That One Get Lost in the Sands of Time

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Sailor Aang

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Korra Book 3 Starts June 27th!

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Can Bumi Airbend?!

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Production Has Finished on Book 3 of Korra!

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Jade Got a Name Change

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One Does Not Simply Refuse an Invitation to Lake Laogai

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He Was Primarily Focused in Unlocking Chakras

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Zhu Li, Do The Thing

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Can We at Least Get a Release Date?

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There's Not a Man Among You

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When's the New Season Start Again?

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Disney characters as avatar element benders

Disney Characters Make Amazing Benders

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