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chicken wings Fan Art Scootaloo - 8568343296
Via dimfann

Becoming a Princess Is Way Harder Than Anyone Thought

wings twilight sparkle - 8562207744
By zaboomafoo1 (Via spromultis)

Thanks M.A. Larson!

background pony M-A-Larson wings - 8477884928
By maorows

Smashing Wings

wings rarity - 8409602560
By Gubba-h4x

Subtle Move, Hasbro

alicorn wings twilight sparkle - 8150625024
By Shinooby (Via null)

There's Still Hope

Scootaloo snowflake wings - 7963820544
By DeathByCupcakes

Rarity and Her Buttfly Wings

wings rarity - 7676205056
By v1saCard

Equestria Girls Looks So Much Better Without the Pony Features

equestria girls wtf wings funny - 7446295808
By David_the_Bored

Her Talent IS Magic After All

alicorn twilight my little pony wings realization - 7416053760
By floorganized_spaz

Sometimes, It's Nice to Take Initiative

ponies pets wings - 7415767808
By GeorgeStokes

Pure Awesomeness - The Wings

epic art wings mane six - 7142196736
By TehCoffee (Via ponyharmony)

Look Ma, No Wings

wings rainbow dash - 7140261632
By metalgearowner

WTF Destiny?

alicorn twilight destiny wings - 7085748736
By OFC_operator

Pretty Much Summarizes the Episode

Songs twilight sparkle wings - 7069409792
By Daviez

Twilight Always Does What is Best

alicorn wings twilight sparkle - 7056692224
By wcclark

Overly Attached Twilight

wings twilight sparkle comic rainbow dash - 7047052032
By ohheythere
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