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FIinally! The Last Part In the MLP-Humanized-Vampire Saga!

vampire The Dazzlings MLP - 8566524160
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That's Why We Mosquito

vampire derpy hooves - 8561565184
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Vamp...uhm...Mosquito Derpy

vampire derpy hooves - 8560274432
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The Great and Powerful Vampire Trixie

the great and powerful trixie vampire MLP - 8558778880
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Vampire Shimmer

vampire Fan Art - 8557489664
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I Want To Drink Your Apple Juice

fluttershy Fan Art vampire - 8099585024
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Twilight Sparkles; Vampires Don't

ponies twilight sparkle vampire - 6229644032
Created by DeathByCupcakes

What Have the Fillies Done?

best of week glitter ponies twilight vampire - 5816410368
Created by EhKanadian
movies robert pattinson Sparkle twilight vampire Video - 28990209

I Don't Enjoy His Sparkle

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Not Cool

dragon spike TV tv show vampire - 5106575104

There Was a Vampire in Me?

best of week ponies question twilight sparkle vampire - 5133918208
Created by shellder913