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Lost Dinosaur (Read Right to Left)

transformers twilight sparkle wakyaot34 fluttershy rainbow dash - 9633774592
By Mothcelium (Via wakyaot34)

Kei-Truck (Read Right to Left)

transformers applejack equestria girls pinkie pie wakyaot34 rarity sunset shimmer - 9524158720
By Tineid (Via wakyaot34)

Don't Mix Them Up

transformers rarity - 9357962240
Via Derpibooru


transformers OC alumx - 9269751296
Via Alumx

Friendship is Hard

transformers incorrect my little pony quotes screencap smolder ponify - 9256235008
By Moth.Eater (Via Incorrect My Little Pony Quotes)

Hasbro's Best: Vinyl Jazz

transformers jazz MLP vinyl scratch Hasbro - 8289314816
By Squidkid915

Hasbro Finally Knows What We Want

Hasbro transformers rainbow dash - 8248176896
By FlutterDoom

Amishbots Paradise

transformers weird al cheese sandwich - 8241507072
By pixarpal95

Rainbow Dash Transform

transformers rainbow dash - 8244505344
By maorows

Mare Than Meets the Eye

transformers rainbow dash - 8241505024
By Squidkid915 (Via Raptorsr)

Assault Dashie

transformers rainbow dash - 8237929472
By maorows

I Finally Have a Reason to See Transformers: Age of Extinction

cameo transformers rainbow dash twitter - 8237635584
By DeathByCupcakes (Via The Brony Network)

such a good father

transformers Fan Art MLP parents - 8201558784
By pixarpal95 (Via

New MLP/Transformers Cover

transformers comic book rainbow dash - 8160456192
By Sosuke

Robots in Disguise

Hasbro transformers twilight sparkle rainbow dash - 7943489024
By v1saCard

You Should Know Better, Twilight

transformers twilight sparkle - 7847722240
By pixarpal95
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