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time travel

Start warping and get ready for time travel humor. Your perspective might loop or even shift into a new space with these out there and hilarious time travel memes puns and jokes. 

Applehorse Goes Back in Time

the mane attraction applejack time travel - 8589275904
Via Derpibooru

Time Travel is Not For The Feint of Heart

Via terrasdiary

There Wasn't Time, To Mess With Time... We're Running Outta Time

twilight sparkle time travel - 8172819456
Created by DazeDream

Just According to the Keikaku

comics MLP time travel - 8133896704
Created by maorows ( Via mangafox )

Not Spoilers, Only Future Information

spoilers awesome time travel - 6737155328
Created by Fluttershys_the1

Pony Box!

gifs time travel doctor who derpy hooves - 6686384128
Created by deadloked

Even Time Travel Can't Tell Us

best of week comics future twilight half life time travel valve video games - 5971161088
Created by Unknown

Don't Break the Egghead

comic comics egghead time travel - 5960954368
Created by SkySceneRock

Seems Legit

comic comics i dunno lol time travel - 5971707392
Created by DeathByCupcakes

The Real Time Lord

comic comics doctor whooves gifs Time lord time travel - 5965280768
Created by SkySceneRock

Time Traveling Twilight

future twilight meme time travel - 5964398592
Created by ChingyPants

Time Ticking? Mare, Please

comics crazy twilight time travel twilight sparkle - 5956700672
Created by Mist13

Is There a Doctor in the House?

crisis doctor whooves its-about-time time travel TV - 5958416896
Created by sandman-ivan

Expected Too Much

comics doctor whooves spike tardis time travel - 5958151680
Created by ohrearry

Time Travel Ponies

background ponies comics meme ponify time travel - 5669447680
Created by sandman-ivan