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marks for effort twilight sparkle screencap the simpsons - 9172633344
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Maybe Get Her a Telescope

the parent map starlight glimmer the cutie map ponify the simpsons - 9168324864
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The Precise Moment

the breakup breakdown screencap ponify the simpsons - 9166019840
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Ponifyin' Memes? That's a Paddlin'

dragon yaks screencap smolder Memes hippogriff ponify the simpsons yona non-compete clause rainbow dash - 9164289536
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The Simpsons Memes Have Been Doubled!

princess cadence starlight glimmer 4chan ponify anon the anon the simpsons - 9153530624
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I Can Honestly Say That Was the Most Fun I've Ever Had

applejack humanized twilight sparkle pinkie pie rarity ponify the simpsons fluttershy rainbow dash - 9150035712
Via Ask Human Appletrash [NSFW I think maybe]

Steamed Hams

spike dstears twilight sparkle Memes ponify comic the simpsons once upon a zeppelin steamed hams - 9132993536
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Ha Ha!

twilight sparkle pinkie pie the simpsons once upon a zeppelin heir of rick - 9106927872
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Celestia, Helpful as Always

berry punch ponify comic princess celestia the simpsons threetwotwo32232 - 9099818240
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Evil Genius

derpy hooves ponify the simpsons threetwotwo32232 - 9097054976
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The Ride Never Ends

applejack twilight sparkle pinkie pie ponify spooky scary skeletons comic the simpsons fluttershy rainbow dash sfm - 9089249536
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Always Second Best

equestria girls screencap rainbow rocks ponify comic the simpsons - 9086384896
Created by Sephiroth1993

Only Logical Explanation

opinion twilight sparkle chocolate milk Memes comic the simpsons - 9063926272
Created by maorows

I Must Go

sour sweet equestria girls dance magic sunny flare animated the simpsons - 9048621568
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She Will Bring Us into the Light

screencap a royal problem Memes princess celestia the simpsons daybreaker - 9043034624
Created by DUCDLOLZ

Adorable Dictator

starlight glimmer pinkie pie scrubs rarity comic the simpsons fluttershy fluttershy leans in - 9034684928
Created by UmbraNights ( Via Double W Brothers )