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It's a Studio Barrel With Full Kitchen

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By Lunapalooza

Companion Rarity, Already Abusing Key Privileges

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By DeathByCupcakes

The Doctor Is Coming

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By DeathByCupcakes

Doctor Whooves' New Companion

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By JRabon1600

Time and Welative Dawmention in Space

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By Origami_Heart

My Little Pony is Like...

my little pony tardis doctor who - 7612148992
By ThestandardJim

Twilight Sparkle Has Looked Into the TARDIS

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By genadiayx
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Life With Ponies - Episode 4

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Combine ALL the feels!

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By Hatebagel

Double the Doctor

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By Fshep89
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A Derpy Story

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Doctor D'Awwwwww

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By wcclark

Expected Too Much

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By ohrearry

I'm the Doc- Solid Sparkle?

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By DDHyuugaman