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tara strong

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Twilight Sparkle Won't Return for MLP G5?

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My Idol

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Just a Phase

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Happy Birthday Tara Strong

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Created by DESTRUCTIONATOR ( Via @TaraStrong )

Straight from the Horse's Mouth?

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Dang it Tara...

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Magical Celebrity Brony Spotted by Tara Strong

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Tara What Are You Doing? Tara Stahp!

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I Went to a Convention A Week Ago, and Got Senpai Strong to Notice Us!

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Created by pixarpal95

I Blame Tara Strong

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Created by execar

Jamie Foxx Is Rocking The Rainbow

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-__- Really?

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Her Inner Tara Is Showing

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Tara Strong Plays Board Games With Wil Wheaton

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You're Going to Get the Clap

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