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sweet and elite

Art History

gen 5 tree hugger pablo picasso posey Andy Warhol screencap salvador Dali tell your tale hitch trailblazer on your marks sweet and elite hungry for justice - 9678902016
Created by Mothcelium ( Via Derpibooru )

Sweet And Elite

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Created by Tineid


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Created by Moth.Eater ( Via Incorrect My Little Pony Quotes )
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Ok Sounds Much Better in 8 Bit....

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Just Say It's Simple and Practical

meme rarity sweet and elite - 5513136640
Created by TrainStation

So Last Week

art rarity sweet and elite - 5512492544
Created by Bendyrulz ( Via )

But Who Wouldn't?

fluttershy painting rarity sweet and elite TV - 5512481536
Created by Bendyrulz

The Only Logical Choice

meme rarity sweet and elite - 5512172800
Created by LOLcat4444

Sweet and Elite Reaction

best of week comics rarity reaction guys sweet and elite - 5512998656
Created by Dragon-Guy36
daniel ingram Music rarity sweet and elite Video - 30055169

The Pony Everypony Should Know

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amazing fun rarity song sweet and elite Video - 29812993

SPOILERS: Leaked Sneak Peek of Episode 9, Sweet and Elite

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