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Night and Day

fleetfoot nightmare moon night glider lightning dust flurry heart spitfire thunderlane surprise princess luna lupi soarin princess celestia daybreaker rainbow dash - 9673139712
Created by Mothcelium ( Via Lupi )


nauyaco soarin rainbow dash - 9667739392
Created by Mothcelium ( Via nauyaco )
animation pinkie pie rainbow dash sunburst phyllis soarin starlight glimmer agrol - 106331393

Choose Your Wings

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dexters-laboratory spike captain hoers applejack the great and powerful trixie nightmare moon marble pie OC equestria girls limestone pie doctor whooves animation spitfire twilight sparkle woona lyra heartstrings homestuck pinkie pie Team Fortress 2 surprise Memes vinyl scratch King of the hill princess luna prince blueblood Big Macintosh berry punch rarity ed edd and eddy soarin princess celestia fluttershy Scootaloo octavia adventure time rainbow dash sea pony moonstuck - 105946881


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thunderlane soarin hoofclid - 9579155712
Created by Mothcelium ( Via Hoofclid )
king sombra cloudchaser applejack the great and powerful trixie cheerilee half life discord golden harvest princess cadence doctor whooves lightning dust photo finish diamonds animation Sweetie Belle spitfire derpy hooves South Park apple bloom woona shining armor lyra heartstrings twilight velvet thunderlane Team Fortress 2 babs seed ahuizotl Memes vinyl scratch princess luna Big Macintosh rarity chrysalis daring do soarin nurse redheart princess celestia fluttershy changelings bon bon Scootaloo octavia mayor mare rainbow dash - 105394689

PONY QUEST! Pure Unadulterated 2014.

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Long Shifts

spitfire soarin sinrar - 9548992768
Created by Tineid ( Via Sinrar )


spitfire soarin sinrar - 9532620288
Created by Tineid ( Via Sinrar )

Alas, Poor Rhubarb

shakespeare sorcerus horserus soarin - 9467581184
Created by Tineid ( Via Sorcerus Horserus )
christmas spitfire derpy hooves twilight sparkle halo soarin fluttershy bon bon rainbow dash - 100959489

An FTH Christmas

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Pinkie's Pinkie College

fleetfoot OC braeburn derpy hooves pinkie pie ponify soarin crystal ponies the simpsons - 9321705472
Via Niban-Destikim

Realistic Clop

shipping Plush soarin rainbow dash - 9273142528
Created by OFC_operator ( Via Pennie's Pony Plushies )

Finals: Night Glider vs Gabby

gabby night glider griffon surprise soarin best pony rainbow dash - 9256195840
Created by Prospirit

Wonderbolts: Soarin vs Spitfire

spitfire soarin best pony - 9234517504
Created by Prospirit

Fancy Flyin' Works up an Appetite

applejack spitfire soarin acting like animals xbi rainbow dash - 9227987200
Via xbi

Scent of Success

spike moon dancer starlight glimmer twilight sparkle zephyr breeze Big Macintosh comic soarin adorkable twilight and friends - 9164794624
Via Adorkable Twilight and Friends
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