My Little Brony


Shake those rocks in your head around a bit, a watch your stony face crumble. It's time to rock out with a geologists favorite band - the Rolling Stones, and feel your sides ache at these hilarious rock jokes and puns.

My New BFF

king sombra rocks science - 8558647552
By ABronyAnonymous

Dang Rocks Get all The Mares

rocks waifu pinkie pie MLP - 8499727616
By Sephiroth1993

Pioneers Had Good Taste

rocks SpongeBob SquarePants pinkie pie - 8473346304
By Cubonator

Maud Tries Jokes

rocks jokes pinkie pie maud pie - 8455937792
By DeathByCupcakes

Pie Family Values

Via fj-c
rocks pony MLP maud pie - 67839745

Maude The Rock Master

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Maud's Going to be Disappointed in Equestria Girls 2

rocks rainbow rocks maud pie rainbow dash - 8317555200
By maorows (Via mysteryfanboy718)

They Come In Cider?

rocks cider maud pie bon bon - 8291348224
By Bendyrulz

Pinkie Knows How To Plan a Birthday Party

rocks pinkie pie Party maud pie - 8258446336
By DeathByCupcakes (Via zelc-face)

Words of Wisdom

rocks - 8253715200
By WarriorCats1214

Rocks Can be Anything

rocks art maud pie - 8211648256
By ChiPony (Via

Good Thing Maud Isn't There To See This

hub logo rocks pinkie pie - 8201914624
By Tvrocker

Maud's Favorite In Any Universe

charlie brown family guy rocks maud pie - 8171824640
By kyuubi91

These Are My Choices!

rocks SpongeBob SquarePants maud pie - 8162344448
By Unknown


rocks charlie brown maud pie - 8160246528
By gopirates9

Maud Just Got Her First Graduate Degree

rocks maud pie - 8159133696
By GravelDash
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