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Fighting is Magic Petition

cease and desist fighting is magic Hasbro petition - 7050537728
Created by SalaComMander

The Government Loves Ponies!

ponies government petition - 7039621376
Created by Unknown

Ponifying Level: Nation

ponified petition - 7033538816
Created by Brony9001 ( Via White House Petition )

Let's Save Derpy

derpy hooves love and tolerate meme petition save derpy - 5780896256
Created by TyphlosionGirl ( Via )

Haters Gonna Hate

derpy hooves Hasbro IRL petition save derpy - 5781820416
Created by Unknown

Don't Take Derpy Away From Us!

comics derpy hooves oh no petition save derpy - 5781234176
Created by IvyPie ( Via )