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Derpy the Olympian

derpy hooves puns olympics - 8971169280
Via Pirill-Poveniy

The Crystal Empire Strike Back

crystal empire princess cadence olympics - 8069020160
Created by oatmealiscrazy ( Via Brony Comedy )

My Little Sochi Olympics: Intolerance Is Magic

rarity olympics - 8055888640
Created by HiccupFilms

Royal Swedish Court Voice

olympics - 6527540224
Created by Meemitone

No Cheating!

applejack olympics rainbow dash the internets - 6472342272
Created by Unknown

Ponylympic Rings

olympics the internets - 6462905088
Created by Norman_Steel ( Via norman-steel )

You Don't Even Care About Your Country?

meme olympics pinkie pie smile - 6467423232
Created by Unknown

Applejack Won Every Medal... But Gold

applejack molestia my little pony olympics the internets - 6458813696
Created by Unknown