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Look Back: Season 8

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Tree of Learning

a matter of principals griffon what lies beneath Memes comic gallus fluttershy non-compete clause - 9217531136
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Next Month

applejack derpy hooves twilight sparkle comic fluttershy non-compete clause rainbow dash - 9165840128
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Book-Measuring Contest

spike twilight sparkle screencap comic school daze non-compete clause - 9164793856
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Fan Favourite

screencap castle sweet castle comic fluttershy non-compete clause rainbow dash - 9164802048
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YAK is Best Yak!

foal yaks ocellus yona non-compete clause changelings - 9164286464
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Honest Victory

applejack bob the dalek twilight sparkle comic non-compete clause - 9164287744
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But Why?

yaks screencap animated yona non-compete clause - 9164288512
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Ponifyin' Memes? That's a Paddlin'

dragon yaks screencap smolder Memes hippogriff ponify the simpsons yona non-compete clause rainbow dash - 9164289536
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Dear Princess Celestia

applejack yaks yona non-compete clause rainbow dash - 9163634944
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Seapony Smolder

silverstream smolder ocellus uotapo non-compete clause - 9163638016
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Ridiculously Photogenic Horse

Memes ridiculously photogenic guy fluttershy jhayarr23 non-compete clause - 9163638272
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Still Harder To Defeat Than Princess Celestia.

the mane attraction screencap non-compete clause - 9162978304
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Skills That You Can Really Use

applejack human iojknmiojknm non-compete clause - 9163018752
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Spike-ghetti Arms

spike screencap non-compete clause - 9162855680
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But... But I Want It!

applejack screencap animated non-compete clause rainbow dash - 9162874880
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