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The Best Way to Convert a Hater

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By TheAmoryWarsSoldier94
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EXTREME MLP SPOILERS: *Equestria Girls Movie*

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No Fluttershy... NOOO

snuggles my little pony fluttershy funny - 7445627904
By BruceMane


Invader Zim my little pony doom futurama funny - 7446153728
By TomSFox

Not Like There's a MLP 3DS Game...

my little pony netflix nintendo - 7443720960
By Ad-RockGotStabbed

MLP is in the Top Percentage of Shows

my little pony twenty percent cooler graphs - 7421480960
By Trony13

I'd Never Put Down My DS Ever Again

Pokémon my little pony funny - 7425223680
By RDash64

Planetside 2 Ponies is Canon

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By RainBohDah
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MLP: FiM Season 3 in 17 Seconds

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Equestria Girls: The Movie

equestria girls my little pony movies - 7430675200
By Dxthegod

Her Talent IS Magic After All

alicorn twilight my little pony wings realization - 7416053760
By floorganized_spaz

No Word Will Be Forgotten

my little pony Game of Thrones twilight sparkle - 7414882304
By McBearer

This Week, on a Very Special My Little Pony...

my little pony rarity fluttershy - 7406644736
By wcclark (Via mylittleponyepisodeguide)

She's One of Those Fandom Haters Too!

Bronies my little pony IRL fandoms - 7414076928
By doritochip28
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Everything Wrong With Friendship is Magic: Part One

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Wasn't it Obvious?

my little pony Star Trek - 7408642816
By TomSFox