mothers day

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For some reason, Sunburst's mom, Stellar Flare, just reminded me of Christine Baranski's character from A Bad Moms Christmas, so I made this. Windy Whistles, of course, was a perfect match for Cheryl Hines's "spazzy soccer mom"-type character. As for the third pairing, it was a bit of a challenge to find a succinct equivalent to Susan Sarandon's character. The other two options I thought of were Buttercup and Applejack, or Scootaloo opposite a blank square, but the former wasn't quite compatible personality-wise, and the latter was, well, messed up. So, I went with Queen Chrysalis and Thorax, as surely the Queen is the mother of all the changelings, and Chrysalis was the closest character match. I wasn't completely decisive on the idea, though, so I ended up making a couple of alternate versions, which I will post in the comments section. (And yes, I combined the title and logo from the first movie with the character lineup from the Christmas movie, for the sake of simplicity.)