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Make a list and never follow up on it. That's the way to procrastinate. Luckily you can just as easily procrastinate with a bunch of hilarious lists. Win-win.

premiere Bronies list celebration MLP - 451589

5 Things Bronies Did To Survive The Hiatus

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scary mane 6 list Fan Art MLP monster - 409093

The Mane 6 Re-Imagined As The Creepiest Monsters of Friendship

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Watch Your Mouth

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MLP gifs list - 335621

Ponies Make Everything Scarier

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ponies list 4th of july - 286469

What Ponies Do To Celebrate The 4th of July

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list musical mlp season 4 - 214277

Your Top 5 Songs From My Little Pony Season 4

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Bronies list gifs derpy hooves - 25093

9 Things Derpy Would Like to Tell Everyone

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10 Ways Ponies Are Like Humans

ponies list humans - 7115863296
By DeathByCupcakes (Via Cheezburger)

You're Right...

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By ShinkenGold2009