My Little Brony


Special Talent Revealed

Via veggie55

Lies, Everywhere Lies

hooves liar rainbow dash - 8018388480
Created by DeathByCupcakes

You Have My Undivided Attention

liar Bronies the simpsons - 6878182656
Created by LordOfTheBinks

Filly Princess!

appliejack liar seems legit - 6518715904
Created by FatalFox

Twilight, You Liar!

applejack liar meme twilight sparkle - 6496663040
Created by DJ_BR0N-3

The Cake Tasted Awful

applejack appliejack honesty liar meme mmmystery - 6083230208
Created by odie200

Liar Dash

applejack appliejack liar meme rainbow dash - 5795144192
Created by Yoyomom

NOTCH, You Lied to Us!

Bronies IRL liar minecraft notch - 5485473536
Created by austinb963

Giggle at the Lies

ghost giggle at the ghosties liar meme pinkie pie - 5483593984
Created by LinoShy

I'm the Hoarder

liar ponies - 5236472576
Created by SirKilmoreRyan