My Little Brony

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Chryssy's Not Evil

lego movie applejack omny87 twilight sparkle chrysalis ponify changelings - 9354557440
Via Omny87
lego movie applejack rspectcopyrightmyass princess cadence pmv shining armor a canterlot wedding pinkie pie chrysalis changelings rainbow dash - 95756033

Totally Not Evil

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Dark and Brooding, Like a True Artist

lego movie screencap honest apple batman inky rose - 9040902144
Created by DUCDLOLZ

Pink Posse

lego movie lego the princess and the frog unikitty gravity falls pinkie pie mabel pines - 8989876480
Created by VisforYoshi ( Via Morloth88 )

Seriously, I Am NOT a DJ!

lego movie halloween dj PON-3 - 8579286016
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Where Are Lyra's Pants

bon bon lego movie lyra heartstrings - 8441338880
Created by RagingThrash

My Home!

lego movie twilight sparkle unikitty - 8184937728
Created by DeathByCupcakes
unikitty lego movie lyra heartstrings - 59027713

Unikitty n' Harpbutt

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Some Ponies Just Want To Watch The Bricks Burn

lego movie twilight sparkle - 8096186368
Created by maorows

Basically Separated at Birth

lego movie toys unikitty pinkie pie - 8101203968
Created by pixarpal95 ( Via null )
cutie mark crusaders lego movie - 59107073

Let it Go, Apple Bloom!

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lego movie mane 6 - 58939905

MLP: Everything is Friendship is Magic is Awesome

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Princess Luna-Kitty Is Building Quite a Fan Base... Out of Legos

lego movie lego princess luna nightmare moon - 8082257152
Created by pixarpal95 ( Via pixelkitties )

Everything Is Awesome!

bon bon lyra lego movie - 8075119104
Created by belugatoons