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king sombra

A Battle Worthy of Being Chronicled in an Anthem by Rush

king sombra nightmare moon discord twilight sparkle princess luna comic princess celestia - 9028215040
Created by UmbraNights ( Via CrimsonBugEye )
king sombra crystal empire OC animation twilight sparkle pmv princess luna princess celestia - 85770241

Hail to the King

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king sombra applejack the great and powerful trixie sour sweet cheerilee discord golden harvest pinkamena diane pie princess cadence doctor whooves Sweetie Belle spitfire derpy hooves twilight sparkle shining armor lyra heartstrings pinkie pie minuette babs seed surprise vinyl scratch princess luna Big Macintosh berry punch rarity chrysalis dj PON-3 princess celestia fluttershy changelings bon bon Scootaloo octavia rainbow dash - 9013956608
Created by MoonyMoonMoon ( Via pekou )

Villainous Holidays

king sombra christmas nightmare moon hearths-warming-eve discord chrysalis - 8993913856
Created by VisforYoshi ( Via Huussii )
applejack changelings fluttershy chrysalis pmv princess celestia princess luna pinkie pie Music twilight sparkle rarity nightmare moon rainbow dash spike shining armor king sombra princess cadence tirek starlight glimmer - 83798273

PMV | Lionhearted

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Twilight Turns Pure Evil

king sombra twilight sparkle - 8991915264
Via Pabbley [NSFW-ish]

Sombra vs. Sombra!

king sombra sombra overwatch - 8989994240
Created by Jangobadass ( Via SammyW28 )

Hey, Sombra!

king sombra sombra overwatch ponify - 8988529920
Via Rocy Canvas
king sombra the great and powerful trixie nightmare moon princess cadence animation starlight glimmer princess luna undertale princess celestia sunset shimmer - 83432449

The True Story of Equestria [Volume Warning]

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Crystal Fort

king sombra princess luna princess celestia - 8970693632
Via Evehly

Banner of Hatred and Fear….

king sombra - 8748421376
Created by Bulk_biceps ( Via Emkay MLP )

King Butthurt

king sombra cosplay fluttershy - 8748730112
Via Evehly

My New BFF

king sombra rocks science - 8558647552
Created by ABronyAnonymous

A New Kind of Villainy

king sombra changeling chrysalis - 8383696128
Created by maorows ( Via derpibooru )

He's Not Bad, He Was Just Drawn That Way

voice over king sombra - 8239208192
Created by bashme ( Via The Biggest Jim on Twitter )

Your Mother Was a Hamster, And Your Father Smelled of Elderberries

MLP king sombra - 8170426624
Created by Tyler_G