My Little Brony

granny smith

An Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree

applejack screencap granny smith the perfect pear over a barrel - 9050145792
Created by OFC_operator

All Memed Up

the great and powerful trixie bulk biceps starlight glimmer all bottled up Memes granny smith - 9027198464
Created by jyroman

Horse Taxes

dstears horse taxes applejack twilight sparkle pinkie pie rarity granny smith fluttershy rainbow dash - 9025372928
Created by t-brick ( Via dstears )

Has Shipping Gone Too Far?

shipping fou dubulbe twilight sparkle pinkie pie granny smith comic carrot cake - 9021814272
Via Fou Dubulbe
spike angel applejack animation Sweetie Belle twilight sparkle apple bloom pmv smarty pants shining armor zecora pinkie pie Big Macintosh rarity coco pommel golden oak library gummy granny smith princess celestia fluttershy Scootaloo rainbow dash heir of rick - 85630465

Never Forget...

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From Animation Errors to Kinks, in 10 Seconds Flat

apple bloom applejack brony Big Macintosh bon bon dj PON-3 changelings derpy hooves berry punch fluttershy doctor whooves chrysalis princess celestia diamond tiara flim flam granny smith princess luna pinkie pie smarty pants cheerilee Scootaloo twist twilight sparkle silver spoon rarity snips rainbow dash snails Sweetie Belle mare do well octavia ursa minor shining armor starswirl the bearded vinyl scratch winona princess cadence lyra heartstrings bulk biceps the great and powerful trixie - 9014193664
Created by OFC_operator ( Via My Little Headcanon [NSFW] )

Bad Grandma

apple bloom jackass ponify granny smith - 9000774912
Via dan232323

Moon... Pie

ponify granny smith the simpsons - 8995401472
Via ThreeTwoTwo32232
applejack animation twilight sparkle shining armor twilight velvet zephyr breeze Big Macintosh granny smith fluttershy - 83554305


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Nothin' ta See Here!

applejack where the apple lies filthy rich Big Macintosh spoiled rich granny smith - 8983272448
Via Jowy Bean

Where the Memes Lies

where the apple lies filthy rich Memes Big Macintosh spoiled rich granny smith - 8982183680
Created by jyroman

Easily the Scariest Part of the Episode

where the apple lies granny smith the shining - 8981927680
Created by ldmt1995

Sweet Apple Armory

applejack apple bloom Big Macintosh granny smith - 8813139200
Created by mr-cold ( Via Vombavr )

When God is in a Funny Mood

shipping lauren faust applejack narcissism twitter cheese sandwich Sweetie Belle derpy hooves twilight sparkle apple bloom pinkie pie Big Macintosh rarity gummy granny smith fluttershy Scootaloo rainbow dash - 8762585088
Created by OFC_operator ( Via Fyre Flye )

Cut Short

applejack braeburn apple bloom Big Macintosh granny smith comic - 8760224768
Created by Cody_1091 ( Via Pony-Berserker )

Nothing Like the Classics

applejack granny smith - 8580986368
Created by Bulk_biceps