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Here's to Another Lousy Year

another_pony anonymous lyra heartstrings ponify futurama - 9583494912
By Mothcelium (Via another_pony)

Ascended Belle

tj pones Sweetie Belle futurama - 9575763968
By Mothcelium (Via TJ Pones)

Do That Again, for Posterity

forgotten friendship equestria girls screencap Memes futurama sunset shimmer - 9552534528
By Tineid (Via Mugen Kagemaru)

Who's the Awesomest?

futurama rainbow dash - 9385630720
Via Anonymous
Mad Max rick and morty applejack parks and recreation the matrix shia labeouf OC cheese sandwich Metalocalypse flufflepuff zootopia star wars kerbal space program Lord of the Rings fallout bioshock infinite animation Sweetie Belle South Park twilight sparkle pmv sonic the hedgehog SpongeBob SquarePants the elder scrolls lyra heartstrings Avatar the Last Airbender the witcher he man inside out gravity falls pinkie pie Team Fortress 2 pulp fiction Memes dead space King of the hill minecraft rarity undertale Gravity assassins creed Grand Theft Auto batman Avatar steven universe fallout equestria futurama spyro bioshock Skyrim The Sims bon bon mario Scootaloo The Walking Dead adventure time rainbow dash john de lancie five nights at freddy's sfm fabulous secret powers - 97383425

Giddy Up

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How Can Feelings Be Magic?

tempest shadow storm king my little pony the movie twilight sparkle screencap futurama - 9088800512
Via Derpibooru
its always sunny in philadelphia 2snacks dexters-laboratory piemations Canada lauren faust captain hoers Robot Chicken borderlands rick and morty angry birds dragon ball the hub Pokémon shia labeouf bojack horseman brave OC equestria girls cosplay toy story Weird Al Yankovic fox news dashie sparkle star wars metal gear solid cocaine toys drunk Barbie homestar runner up pokemon go viva reverie twilight zone the dark knight rises animation boop john cena South Park stephen king baneposting pmv omega ozone d&d several ponies SpongeBob SquarePants witch taunter Fan Art adamtheamazing64 friends it puns gravity falls Team Fortress 2 dark souls friday the 13th several things that aren't ponies game grumps airplane! wonderwall horse mask Memes jake whyman rejected Hasbro undertale JoJo's Bizarre Adventure initial d argodaemon kanashii panda acracebest daft punk Grand Theft Auto friendship is manly austin powers twilicane animal crossing batman madmare mally steven universe ashieboop futurama skittles netflix ponies the anthology discovery family jurassic park the flash apple arrested development persona double rainboom da space pony bronycon mario animals clue notice me senpai adventure time my eyes smile dungeons and dragons john de lancie ma larson - 87472385

PONIES The Anthology VI [Caution: Bad Language and Horse Boobs]

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The One Where The Apple Burns

applejack honest apple Memes futurama - 9040860928

Your Princessing Is Bad and You Should Feel Bad!

twilight sparkle screencap pinkie pie animated futurama a flurry of emotions - 9028952576
Via Derpibooru


applejack repost maybe the great and powerful trixie cheerilee golden harvest doctor whooves braeburn derpy hooves twilight sparkle lyra heartstrings pinkie pie Big Macintosh berry punch rarity ponify comic princess celestia futurama fluttershy bon bon octavia rainbow dash - 9016093952
Via Toonbat [NSFW]


ponify futurama maud pie - 8754831360
By Cody_1091 (Via Know Your Meme)
Big Macintosh fluttershy futurama discord gay twilight sparkle spike dungeons and discords - 82259713

Virtue of Subtilty

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flufflepuff futurama - 73200897


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Oil Up Those Clamps

pinkie pie futurama money - 8499714304
By Sephiroth1993
Alternate Ending MLP futurama - 66269697

"May The Best Pet Win!" Gets an Alternate Ending

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Treat Your Audience With Respect

futurama rarity - 8166576128
By DeathByCupcakes
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